We will work with you...

to purchase your property as quickly and stress free as we possibly can.

We operate in the Harrogate and surrounding areas Knaresborough, Ripon plus other outlying villages where we are able to get peoples houses or flats sold quickly. We specialize in this area and know it well. We have investors and interested parties available to pay you good money for your property no matter how long it may or may not have been on the market. We will look at property in any condition that may be in need of a light refurbishment or a full makeover. Sellmyhousequicklyharrogate.co.uk has been set up specifically to deal with people who may need to move on with their lives after divorce, death or debt. This is particularly relevant now we are dealing with the after math of the worst pandemic in modern history.

We handle the transaction with care and consideration allowing for the fact you may want confidentiality as well as a quick process. No boards up outside the property no notifications in the newspapers or on estate agents websites, total confidentiality.
We contact our investors and find someone who has already expressed an interest in acquiring property in the area.
Our aim at Sellmyhousequicklyharrogate.co.uk is to have your property moved on and you in funds to move on with your life.
Our clients like Sellmyhousequicklyharrogate.co.uk because we are no nonsense local people who know the local market and can move quickly without wasting your time.

We usually offer to pay your legal fees to enable a speedy transaction and allow you a no cost exit from the property. This is subject to the circumstances in each individual case and is assessed on a case by case basis.

We operate by you getting in touch with us through this web site or you may pick up one of our leaflet flyer’s that we occasionally send around the area. The initial call will establish basic contact details and an outline of your circumstances. Thereafter we will go into more detail so we fully understand your circumstances. This is necessary so we can arrive at the best solution for you. Each transaction has its own different foundations and we aim to have the 2nd call within 24 hours of the first one. Thereafter we will make arrangements to view in a covid – 19 responsible way or it may be possible to operate from photographs.